Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amen to that.

A couple of articles in today's paper caught my eye.

The first, written by a pastor, said that turning to god can help you lose weight. Hmmm. Hasn't worked for me. I guess I'm just not faithful enough. (I kidd)

The second article reports that killer bees have been found in Cedar City.

I think I need to switch gears and start praying for those bees.

That they won't make it to Utah County.

Because a sting from a killer bee sounds alot scarier than a little chaffing of the innerthigh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. T

I had the opportunity to hang out a little with this guy last week.

He took me out for my first taste of sushi. He loves it and eats it at least once a week. I find this interesting because when he was younger, I was convinced that he was the pickiest eater on earth. Just the sight of a piece of lettuce on his plate was enough to put him over the edge. Onions? Forget about it!

I had the best time with him. He's an awesome son and I am proud of him. He works hard at everything he does. He's the kind of guy you want on your team because he will always have your back. He's going back to DC tomorrow. Gotta get smarter at school. He's good at that!

I miss him already.

Monday, May 18, 2009

cleaning on the sabbath

Last night I could tell that a migraine was coming on. I started to see little auras of light and my vision started to get blurry in one eye.

Then I started to feel nauseated.

I was so convinced that I was going to "lose it" that I had to go scrub the toilet to get it ready.

Do any of you do that? Prepare the toilet, I mean. I HATE having my face so close to a dirty bowl. It's enough to make you......


But it was all for naught. The toilet didn't need to be used.

But hubby's all "Hey, whatever it takes to get a clean toilet around here."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just throw a cami under it!

Today I went to the mall to buy a shirt. Something girly and springy. Something dressier than the solid knit shirts that serve as my usual summer uniform.

I looked and looked and I finally reached a breaking point on an issue that has bugged me for some time.

The camisole.

Everything requires a shade or long cami by design. All the shirts I tried on were low-cut or completely sheer. I say it's a vast layering conspiracy!

But here's the deal: I don't want to wear a cami/shade under my shirt. I don't want to wear TWO shirts. I want to wear one. The reason being:

1. I'm lazy. A shade is one more thing to launder, store and generally deal with. Let's keep it simple.

2. I live in Utah. It's hot. I'm tired of feeling sweaty under layers of clothing.

3. I'm a middle-aged woman. I'm not overweight, but still, I have a general layer of padding aroung my mid-section, and it is a cause of consternation. The last thing I want to do is add two milimeters to the thickness of my abdomen.

Perhaps they say that the cami is a "stylish accessory" which provides "fashionable layering options".

I don't believe it.

I think they want to just sell us two shirts.