Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well said, Joseph B.Wirthlin

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 16, 2009

20 Questions ala Annie

1. What is that smell in the refrigerator?

2. Will I ever poop again?

3. How many calories have I eaten today?

4. Do I really have to get out of bed?

5. Where is hubby?

6. If you are alone, do you really exist?

7. Isn't cleavage just pressed fat?

8. Does praying count if you're not on your knees?

9. Don't I look great in my new boots?

10. Is that my cell phone ringing?

11. Why am I so lazy?

12. Am I going bald?

13. Will I ever do anything of significance again?

14. Could it be that I really do like pecan pie?

15. Is someone downstairs?

16. Is that a wrinkle or cleft in my head?

17. Will I ever become a mother in law?

18. Are periods really necessary after age 50?

19. Is it too early to listen to Christmas music?

20. Has it really been that long since I last blogged?