Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I"ll need to buy some yeast.

I've been thinking that I want to learn how to make homemade bread. Do you make your own bread, friends? If so, is it really complicated?

My mother rarely made homemade bread. If I were her, I don't suppose I would have either. The eight of us would have it gone before it even had a chance to cool. I remember her going to the bread outlet and buying day old bread. She would buy a dozen loaves and freeze them.

The bread of my childhood was my grandmother's savory dill bread. She called it dilly bread. I didn't care much for it when I was young, but I am fairly certain that if I could have a slice today, I would enjoy it.

My mother's cooking was pretty standard for the '60s and '70s. On Sundays we would always have meat, potatoes, gravy and a canned vegetable. During the week it was all about soups and casseroles. Mom could make eight sandwiches using one can of tuna.

Now, that's resourceful.

Except for my mother's macaroni and hamburger dish, I don't really have a yen for the food of my childhood. And neither do my grown children who now try to "introduce" us to exotic foods they refused to eat at our table. It wasn't me who picked celery and onions out of everything and begged for Top Ramen at every meal.

I tried to serve my boys nutritious foods, while they were growing up, but, except for broccoli, they balked. They only ate broccoli, because in a stroke of genius, I called the florets trees and said only giraffes could eat them. By the time our boys hit there teens, our menu was limited to five items: hot dogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, tacos and enchilada casserole.

I can't tell you how an empty nest has improved our diet. Hubby announced the other day that he would like to try going vegetarian a couple of times a week. (after his annual checkup next week, we may just have to do that) Because if his cholestrol numbers are off the chart....

We love foreign foods--Thai, Indian, Middle-Eastern. For us comfort foods are not from a nostalgic past that wasn't all that good. Comfort food is now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My better half

He just keeps getting more handsome each year.
So here's to 58.....I hope it's great!

Join me in wishing Mr. T a Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just keepin it real

I have spent the last hour reading blogs. And I am having grumpy thoughts.

Because nearly every blog is always happy and perfect.

I rarely post what I am truly thinking here. Why? I don't want people to know how sarcastic, mean and downright grumpy many of my brain waves are.

It is like people asking, "How's it going?" Most people don't want to know how you are doing, so I just answer with that four letter work beginning with "F" - "fine". Besides, compared to so many people, my life is GREAT, so I feel guilty about the everyday things that create misery.

I'd much rather read a truthful account of a bad day than a fluffy, happy, looking on the bright side account of a bad day. Yep, I rejoice in other women's grumpy words, grumpy thoughts and bad hair days, because it makes me feel like I am not alone.