Monday, April 26, 2010

Who knew toddlers were so heavy.

After nursery yesterday, I came home with a sore back and a blouse that was smeared with snot. Lots of snot. In multiple places.

I know church is supposed to be Sunday best, but now that I will be working in the nursery I will have to rethink my Sunday wardrobe.

Sadly, I really don't have any clothes that I am willing to wear and risk getting ruined. I know, poor me. It makes me sad to think of the time and energy that I put into putting together some pretty spiffy church outfits. All for naught, folks.

What I need is a Super kid-proof outfit. Something stain resistant, flexible enough to play Ring around the Rosies. It has to fit perfectly so I don't have to worry about accidentally flashing or mooning anyone and lastly, it has to look amazing.

I think Project runway should try to tackle this.

I promised hubby that I would quit complaining about being called to serve in the nursery. So that's the last you'll hear about that. But you can be dang sure I'm counting the days til I'm back wearing my spiffy church clothes again.

Oh. And I sure hope all that snot washes out okay.


  1. Too funny :D

    Snot washes out just fine ;) The first thing that popped into my mind was "find a pretty bib apron" to wear while you're minding the snotty tots!

  2. You'll make a great nursery leader! But it is true, you will have to find a good nursery wardrobe that you can get down on the floor and play in. Do you have a lot of kids in your nursery? Too bad you're not in our ward anymore, Jack could be your boy!

  3. that may even be a hard task for project runway to tackle!! good luck sis.