Thursday, May 13, 2010

lost in blogland

Have you ever started a blog crawl that took on a life of it's own, going off on tangents like a crazy professor so that, say, you start here and end up three hours later on some random site considering a purchase?

It's like one of those marathon best-girlfriend conversations that start out with "hey, you want to go walking?" and ends up three hours later with the two of you having drafted the charter for a organic farm or shopping at an awesome boutique two towns over.

Right-me too.

Anyhow, inevitably on that blog crawl, you passed by something REALLY COOL and figured you'd come back to it, right? But three hours later, the path back is totally overgrown and as you try to retrace your clicks you become confused and disoriented, bumping around and crying because nothing looks familiar. You're convinced that that REALLY COOL thing is lost forever, and the the desirability of it begins to reach mythical proportions in your mind.

I know what you're thinking..... "Annie, get off that computer and get a life, or at least get after that big pile of laundry."


  1. Mt. Washmore reigns supreme in my house too ;)

    Too funny about your suggestion that I get a permit. Probably not a good idea with my big mouth/temper! haha!

    If you're searching for that "cool" place still, check your history in your browser. Worth a shot!

  2. I did exactly the same a couple of days ago. I found a blog post about a doll which looked really spookily like a really baby. I wanted to show it to someone and couldn't find it.

    The only quote I could remember to show someone the photo of this doll was a quote by the Dad: "That's disgustingly real" try putting that in Google images - or really don't. I've erased my history and cookies and I don't know how I'll ever find it!

    The internet is so bi it's scary!